Marina Perez-Wong a.k.a. Micho P. Wong has recently moved back to the Bay Area from Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in San Francisco's Mission District, she was influenced at a young age by the muralists, craft makers, musicians, dancers, writers, poets, photographers and social activist that lived in her neighborhood. After completing her Bachelors of Arts degree at the California College of Art & Crafts, she began her career as a public artist and art educator with a strong emphasis on street art and community. In 2013 Marina co founded Twin Walls Mural Company along with her long time colleague and best friend, Elaine Chu. She is currently working as a visual arts instructor at the Oakland School for the Arts as well as painting murals throughout the Bay Area and working in studio.


BFA in Painting and Drawing, California College of the Arts                                       2004

School of the Arts High School, San Francisco                                                                       2000

Rhode Island School of Design Fellowship                                                                  1999


Work Experience:


Oakland School for the Arts (Oakland) 2017-present


  Ÿ Full Time Contracted Art teacher for 11th, and 12th grade students


Groundswell Community Mural Project (New York City) is a non-profit organization that I have worked with for the last two years. Groundswell is focused on educating youth on how to become community mural artists as well as to collaborate with communities throughout New York City and globally to produce educational, inspiring and beautiful murals that reflect the community for which they are painted.

Self-Contracted Teaching Artist and Muralist

·       · Construct project based curriculum

·       · Facilitate in youth design brainstorming

·       · Design mural proposals based on client’s input and community suggestions

·       · Supervise assistants throughout the entire mural production

·       · Instruct students and assistants on materials, painting technique and process

Precita Eyes Muralists (San Francisco)

Self-Contracted Teaching Artist and Muralist

·       · Design mural proposals based on client’s input and community suggestions

·       · Supervise assistants throughout the entire mural production

·       · Instruct students and assistants on materials, painting technique and process

·       · Assist at community events, and help with social media

Meridian Gallery is a Non-Profit art gallery as well as an after school Art Education Program. Their Internship Program is designed to educate youth on the workings of a gallery as well as facilitate the youth in becoming artists.

Artist Instructor

·       · Created curriculum for year- long after-school arts program focused on drawing and painting

·       · Mentored and supervised youth in the creation of their individual projects

·       · Assisted staff with gallery events, exhibitions, video interviews, and work related field trips



Good Samaritan Summer Program, Guest Artist Instructor                                          2017

Groundswell Community Mural Arts Program, Instructor and Muralist                          2014-Present

Co- Founder and Muralist for Twin Walls Mural Art Company, San Francisco             2013-Present  

Precita Eyes Muralists, Instructor and Muralist                                                             2007-Present

San Francisco Arts Commission, Instructor and Muralist                                                          2010-2011

Bee Cave Riding Center Summer Artist Instructor, Austin Texas                                              2008 

Artist Assistant, Amy Berk                                                                                             2004-2007

Volunteer, Mural Painter, Homies with Nancy Pili and Eric Norberg                           2007

Artist Assistant, Megan Wilson                                                                                      2006-2007

Volunteer, Mural Painter, The Oakland Museum                                                                     2007   

Assistant Painter, Miranda Bergman                                                                            2006

Assistant Painter, Susan Green                                                                                                2006   

Art Instructor, Montalvo Arts Center                                                                              2005

Mural Instructor/ Painter, Ambrose Community Center                                                            2005   

Volunteer, Artist Assistant, Annie E. Casey Foundation                                                            2002

Volunteer, Painter, The Friends Association                                                                2001

Intern/ Teachers Assistant/ Artist Instructor, Meridian Gallery                       2000-2002, 2006-2007

Mentor, CCAC Mentorship Program                                                                            2000




Mural Projects:                                                                                                         Current Projects


Hemlock Alley Mural Project, with Elaine Chu (Twin Walls Mural Company)

Latin Rock, Lead Artists Max and Fred Alvarado

Lister Bar, in collaboration with The Bay Baes

Private Residence, Guernville, CA with Elaine Chu (Twin Walls Mural Company)


The College Board

The Young Women’s Leadership School

The Door, TEMA Tuesday Class

St. Nicholas Senior Center, Lead Artist Jose De Jesus Rodriguez

Illuminate, Brooklyn Community High School

Montefiore Hospital HIV and AIDS clinic, Lead artist Angel Garcia





La Flor de la Vida with Elaine Chu (Twin Walls Mural Company)

And the Earth did not swallow them, with Precita Eyes (New York City)                                         

Chef Hiro's Drawing, Urchin Bistro with Elaine Chu (Twin Walls Mural Company)

Koi, La Mission with Elaine Chu (Twin Walls Mural Company)

Mr. Muggles with Elaine Chu (Twin Walls Mural Company)

Bernal Heights Public Library with Precita Eyes                                         



Water Writes in Oakland with The Estria Foundation

Heart Song for Japan, San Francisco Arts Commission (Scott & Fell St. Part 2)    

Cesar Chavez Day with Suaro Cervantes and The Reyes Muertos Collective                                

Restoration of Cleveland Elementary School with Susan Cervantes

Heroes & Hearts Sculpture Painting (San Francisco General Hospital) with Precita Eyes

Olympia Rafah, for Susan Green                              



Haiti Solidarity Banner with Fiona Glas                                                                    

Block Party, La Mission with my artist students                              

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital with Precita Eyes                                                 

San Francisco General Hospital with Precita Eyes                                     

Harlem, Paris of the West, San Francisco Arts Commission (Scott & Fell St. Part 1)                                 



Omino Day with Suaro Cervantes and The Reyes Muertos Collective

Marin Health, Marin, CA. with Precita Eyes                                                                          

Oakdale Community Center with Precita Eyes                                                                     

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, Berkeley with Precita Eyes                                     

Visible Means of Support, San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art, 

with Kerry James Marshall and Precita Eyes                                                                                                                                              



New Generation Health Center, Restoration with Precita Eyes                                            

Google Mural, San Francisco with Precita Eyes                                                                  

Excelsior Playground, for the San Francisco Giants Community Fund with Precita Eyes                          



Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, San Francisco with Precita Eyes                            

Edward Said Mural, San Francisco State University, for Susan Green                               

Horace Mann Academic Middle School                                                                                

Vamos Gigantes, for The San Francisco Giants with Precita Eyes 



Restoration of La Lucha Continua with Susan Green

Anarchists of the Americas with Susan Green

Regeneration with Meridian Gallery

Tenderheart with Meridian Gallery

Urban Nature with Meridian Gallery  





The High Art of Riding Low, Petersen Automotive Museum                                        2017

Left Coast California Political Art, James Gallery, CUNY                                                         2014

Treasure Island, Solo show, Treasure Island                                                                2013   

Two Years Here, Incline Gallery, San Francisco                                                                     2013

El Tecolote Newspaper Benefit, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco                           2012

Meridian Gallery, Precita Eyes Benefit, San Francisco                                                           2012

Wonderland Art Gallery, Precita Eyes Benefit, San Francisco                                     2011

Precita Eyes Benefit, SOMArts Gallery, San Francisco                                                           2009

Children with AIDS Benefit, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco                                              2009

Flash Gallery, Group exhibition, San Francisco                                                                      2007

Philippines, Mexico, and California, Collaboration with Megan Wilson                                  2007

Solo Show, California College of Arts and Crafts         , Oakland CA.                                      2004

A New Generation, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco                  2002

Solo Mujeres , Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco                         2002

California College of Arts and Crafts, Solo Show, San Francisco                                            2001

Meridian Gallery, San Francisco                                                                     2000 and 2001



Awards and Honors:


Precita Eyes Community Center Mural Award                                                             2004

Precita Eyes Mural Award with Meridian Gallery                                                                     2001 

Meridian Gallery Youth Arts Festival Award                                                                 2000

Highest Achievement Award, San Francisco School of the Arts                                              2000 

Portfolio Merit Book Award, Rhode Island School of Design                                        2000